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‘Film analysis examines films as wholes, or totalities, and tries to explain how the various parts function. Usually analysis starts with a question—e.g., what generates suspense in this sequence? or how does the filmmaker suggest the characters’ psychological states? or why are certain pieces of story information omitted? The analyst tries to answer the question by looking for strategies of storytelling, patterns of style, and so on.’  – David Bordwell

There is a ‘the FILM itself‘ magazine as well. Sadly it’s on Croatian language for now and it exists only as a printed magazine. Some of the articles will be translated into english and published on this site in the near future, so you will be able to see some geniuses at work.

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Contributors to Issue 1: Ivan Šarić, Dijana Šabić, Nadja-Matija Fatović

Contributors to Issue 2: Ivan Šarić, Nadja-Matija Fatović, Miro Nikolić, Josip Mioč, Jakov Škomrlj, Dario Vištica

Film analysis episodes are about ten minutes in length and cover a wild varieties of film genres. The movies presented in the epiodes don’t have a written analysis, it’s exclusively made for episodes, so check them out here FILM ANALYSIS EPISODES


Film analysis articles go really really really in depth to explain what’s ging on inside a certain film. There will be no episodes made out of this articles, since they are to long and very very detailed. But you can enjoy the articles here FILM ANALYSIS ARTICLES

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The INTERVIEW section entails exclusive interviews with famous directors, fantastic actors, underrated writers and legendary film analysts from all over the world. theFILMitself talks about film analysis, film theory and gives deeper insight and behind the scenes of the film industry.